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Zard 2-1 SS/Ti Full System: 749/999 Monoposto '03/04

Sale Price: $1,995.00
List Price: $2,850.00

One at this price only.

Fits 2003/2004 749/999 Monoposto. Two into one piping. Includes carbon fiber heat shield for muffler.

ZARD, a division of G.P. Tecnica, is a relatively new player on the scene staffed by a seasoned and talented group of engineers headed by Walter Amiste, Head of Design & Engineering.
Walter, formerly of Termignoni, has over 15 years of experience designing systems and working with the Ducati Corsa group.

ZARD offer incredible looking systems that feature exceptional finish, attention to detail and innovative design. They are also noteworthy in that they perform exceptionally well with the OEM ECU.

The Ducati 749/999 systems offered have a great exhaust note measuring 102db.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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