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99’ 748S
-Yellow And White
-13k Miles
-Clear Title In Hand
-Showa Rear Shock
-Showa Front Forks
-STM Polished Triple Tree Front Fork Adjusters
-Boge Polished Steering Stabilizer
-BCM 12k Tune At 10.5k By Bruce Myers, Valve Adjustment, Belts And More
-Suspension Set By BCM To 200#
-Replaced Vertical And Horizontal Cams - Showed Slight Wear (Warranted)
-Replaced Rocker Arms With BCM Locally Plated Arms (Warranted)
-Replaced Fuel Lines
-Changed 5.1 Brake Fluid
-Water Wetter
-EVR2 Gold Chain Replaced Done At Tune Up With Polished Hub Replaced At Tune Up
-Safety Wired Rear Hub
-Carbon Termi Slip-Ons
-Ferracci Chip
-Evoluzione Tail Light Integrator Blinker Kit
-Evoluzione Aluminum Bar Ends
-Silver Metal Frame Plugs
-Cycle Cat Self Retracting Side Stand
-Ducati Performance 14 Tooth Front Sprocket Replaced At Tune Up
-Ducati Performance 41 Tooth Aluminum Rear Sprocket And New Crush Drives
-Ducati Performance Titanium Front Fork Pinch Bolts
-Ducati Performance Single Sided Swing Arm Stand
-Ducati Performance Polished Aluminum Keyless Fuel Cap
-Ducati Performance MS Productions Carbon Swing Arm Cover
-Ducati Performance MS Productions Carbon Front Heal Guards
-Ducati Performance MS Productions Carbon Side Exhaust Guard
-Ducati Performance MS Productions Carbon Side Air Runners
-Carbon Dream Rear Heal Guards
-Benfer Carbon Side Airbox Covers
-Benfer Carbon Front Sprocket Cover
-Kelvin Norton Carbon Corse Key Guard
-Kelvin Norton Carbon Corse Instrument Cover
-Kelvin Norton Carbon Corse Tank Pad
-CutGrafix White Front Number Plate
-CutGrafix White Corse Front Fender Stripe
-CutGrafix White Corse Radiator Stripe
-Custom Etched Aluminum Rear Brake fluid cap
-Custom Etched Aluminum Clutch Fluid Cap
-Custom Under Seat License Plate Relocation With Light
-Casoli Moto Ultra Suede Seat From Italy (Water/Weather Resistant)
-Casoli Moto Custom White Monotail/Bi Posto Tail Section With Clear Coated Gold Pin Stripe
-Casoli Moto Ducati Yellow Painted Matching Mirrors

-This Bike Is In Excellent Condition

-No Scatches Or Dents

-Never Seen The Track

-I Store It Inside My House During the Winter Months And Garaged During Riding Season

-I Don’t Ride It As Much As I Would Like To So I Have Decided To Sell It If A Reasonable Offer Comes Along

-I Have MANY Pics From “Stock Look”, When I Purchased It, To As It Sits Right Now

-I Have A Large Envelope FULL Of All Receipts And Records

-Email Me With A Resonable Offer

[email protected]

-Serious Inquires Only Please

Ebay Item # 4562888888

Modified by RI Ducati 748 at 1:38 AM 7/17/2005

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Re: (RI749)

Hello RI749,

Not sure...I never had it on the dyno. One thing I know for sure is that it never stalled on me!

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Re: (RI Ducati 748)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by RI749 »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">What did it make for power on the Dyno?</TD></TR></TABLE>

dyno numbers are for bench racers

seen this bike first hand pictures do not do it justice, even if it is yellow

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Re: Yellow And White 99' Ducati 748S With Many Extras For Sale (RI Ducati 748)

Check out some pics on Ebay...

Item # 4562888888

Feel free to give me a shout with any questions and picture requests

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Good Point Malducato1. Too bad your whole riding career has been spent on the bench. It isn't too late to start riding....you're only 33.

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Re: (RI749)

Malducato1 has over 15 years in the automotive world and let's just say his racing experience and technical advice at RPM is number 1 for that bloke!
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