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Here is the entry list:

Eric Bostrom - Las Vegas, Nevada
Doug Henry - Torrington, Connecticut
Jeremy McGrath - Encinitas, California
Gary Trachy - Orange, California
Travis Pastrana - Annapolis, Maryland
Chad Reed - Dade City, Florida
Johnny Murphree - Paso Robles, California
Eddy Seel - Spa, Belgium
Kurt Nicoll - Cambridge, England
Jeff Ward - Newport Beach, California
Mark Burkhart - Pickerington, Ohio
Benny Carlson - West Bend, Wisconsin
Steve Drew - Temecula, California
Chris Filmore - Oxford, Michigan
Juergen Kuenzel - Heidenheim, Germany
Ivan Lazzarini - Pesaro, Italy
Kevin Windham - Centreville, Mississippi
David Baffeleuf
Darryl Atkins - Tokoroa, New Zealand

Pick the top 5!

My picks:
1. Doug Henry
2. Juergen Kuenzel
3. Mark Burkhart
4. Chris Filmore
5. Benny Carlson

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Re: X-Games Predictions (Dave)

Doug Henry
Eddy Seel
Chad Reed
Kevin Windham
Mark Burkhart

I counting on the fitness of the MXer's to keep them near the front, plus Reed and Windham are super smooth riders who if they had more time to work on pavement racing skills would be really tough to beat.

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Re: X-Games Predictions (Fish)

David Baffeleuf is in great shape...
Doug Henry he ride for Yamaha!!!
Eddy Seel ... he'll take is revenge...

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Re: X-Games Predictions (Eric Landstrom)

Long race....
I think its gonna be:
Eddie Seel
Juergen Kuenzel
Doug Henry as first American....

The Euros always have bad luck, but are very fast on any course...so the longer the race, the better thier chances

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Re: X-Games Predictions (stlwalnut)

I don't think Windham is racing, won't know for sure until I get there Fri morning though.

Kunzel is extremely fast but fades. Doubt he can run an hour at full race pace. Bostrom either, he strugles to do 30 min hard on a MX track from what I've heard. The most fit person there is obviously Reed... don't know how close he'll be on lap times but whatever it is he can run that pace for an hour I'm sure. Henry can run an hour hard, Ward probably too. Atkins trains hard with long motos, he's in great shape but his lap times will probably be a second off of Henry/Kunzel/Seel/Ward/Burkhart.

I'm going to have to go with Henry to win even though I'll be rooting for Trachy/Drew/Dymond (not on list but I believe he's in)

I think McGrath might be up there in the end again. He is in pretty good shape and can probably do a whole hour mistake free at a decent pace.

Burkhart is a question mark just because I don't know about his fitness. I've been to a lot of supermoto races and a lot of practice tracks when he was there and from watching in person my opinion is that he is about the fastest guy around... and he never crashes. If he would have been on Dunlops last year he might have been the champ.

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Re: X-Games Predictions (MotoGreg)

Doug Henry! He won a 3-hour GNCC in the Florida whoops and I just can't imagine anyone else knows how to ride that hard for that long, except for Carmichael, but he's not riding. Add heart to that and I think you've got a winner...

I just have a feeling the guys who are either used to long races are going to to do well

Windham (if he shows)

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Re: X-Games Predictions (chriscap)

Windham isn't there. Dymond is racing and so is Mouse McCoy. Bagnis is the first alternate and Thiebold is the second.

McGrath is jumping something so crazy it's unreal. Totally unreal. When Pastrana doesn't even attempt it you know it's unreal.

Yamaha is fully commited with one-off trick parts just for this race and a ton of people. They have a huge effort here, you'd think it was MotoGP or something.

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Re: X-Games Predictions (Eric Landstrom)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by Eric Landstrom »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">I nominate Seel for best flying W. </TD></TR></TABLE>
I told him that he should have done that last night in freestyle and he would have won gold. He said that he did a pretty good "cliffhanger" but it looked more like a "look back hart attack" to me. Perfect extention and form too... just over-rotated it a bit.

Bagnis tried that jump in practice this morning, he hadn't attempted it all weekend. He had a similar crash to both of Seel's except he totalled the bike and broke his hand. Not good timing going into a double-header round in two weeks.

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Re: X-Games Predictions (Eric Landstrom)

I liked the long race/pit stop set up...
Before, if you fell or bobbled, you were toast...no chance of saving any kind of podium finish. With this set up, McGrath had a chance to finish high even though he dumped it...adds a bit of stratagy to the mix

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Re: X-Games Predictions (stlwalnut)

Okay, I'm going to eat crow here and admit I like the pit stop, if for no other reason I got to watch a lot more Supermoto yesterday. Combine 40 laps with the Road America coverage and I spent a lot of time behind the tube yesterday.

Oh, I do have one complaint, just like an American to never be satisfied, but why wasn't the X-Games in HD?

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Re: X-Games Predictions (stlwalnut)

Well I got first and third right.

As far as the pit stop goes, it was okay because Doug Henry won the race.
I mainly liked the fact that it was a long race so people had time to make up for mistakes, I just wish K-Dub would have raced.
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