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WTT 1990 Hawk NT650 for RC51 in Va

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Okay long shot here but I'd like to trade my 90 NT650 for a 2001+RC51 email me at [email protected] for pics.

If you a jeep guy i have some spare stock suspension parts to sweeten deal from a 2006 rubicon unlimited, if you bike is SUPER nice I have a caspian frame/slide 1911 worth an easy 1000 I might be willing to add to trade

Since I bought the bike I've put new brake pads on the rear the fronts will be due in a couple thousand miles, I bought a new 520 conversion kit with stock gearing but have not installed it yet. My current plans for the bike is to put a Buell front end on it maintaining the single sided brake system but updating it I have the wheel in white but still need the forks a triples to make it work. I also have a set of 2000+ grey VFR wheels if you want to go that way. The one thing I don't have is cash flow. When I traded my 98 vfr for this Hawk we valued the Hawk a 2k which is pretty close to avg with all the wheels and new parts where taking the value close to 3.5k it would not sell at that price but thats about what everything adds up to. I've only put a couple of miles on it since I've had it getting it inspected, the Navy has me on a short leash right now as my MC safety card is expired and they could withhold my life insurance if something happened to me on a ride soo not riding it to much till i can get my two day safety course done.

The "bad": Pegs are aftermarket and scraped up and the bottom of the exhaust pipe is scratched as well, both due to the track. Headlight indicator bulb is out on the gauge cluster. Minor scratches, small dent on tank. There is a small shimmy when braking from the front end not sure what it is I'll check the torque values to make sure everything is tight

Mods: Gold Valve emulators, progressive springs, GSXR brake caliper, EBC floating disk, M4 full exhaust with chopped can (sounds great!!), jet kit, Fox shock, Corbin Gunfighter & Lady seat, stock seat, frame sliders, roller bearings in steering head, Hella Supertone Horn (LOUD!), bar end mirrors (Right side needs a new bushing), Eastern Beaver upgraded headlight wiring harness, Dominator Dual Headlights w/ 85/80W Osram Hyper H4 bulbs, tiny front turn signals, LED rear turn signals (VERY BRIGHT!), LED rear brake lights, LED tag light, stock rear fender removed, license plate location recessed into plastic, tank bra, etc. I am sure there's more parts, that I can't remember at this moment.
Extra's not on the bike: stock rear fender pieces, stock rear (And I think front too) turn signal pieces, Head light, etc.

Make: Honda
Model: Hawk NT650 GT
Engine: 647cc v-twin - water cooled
Miles: 31,XXX
Last Oil Change: I have exact miles at home, but it was in June/July of '09 approx 2000 miles ago
Front tire: Pirelli Diablo - 120 still has good tread.
Rear tire: Pirelli Diablo Rosso -150 but it was purchased in June
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No, but I'll take a Colt 45 :D

Oh you ment "cult"

Can you post some pics bro?
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I surely could be interested in the "Caspain">>>-----> frame/slide!...

I take it, it's a 45acp eh,.. what about,.. Sites, Trigger, hammer, barrel & barrel bushing,.. alittle more info?;)

Peace Jeff
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