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I'm on the home stretch of getting this thing road worthy and the subframe I bought didn't include any of the release parts. So if you have ANY of it laying in your shop let me know. It's for an SP1, don't know if it matters but... Ben you've been PM'd about it as well.

I need:
1. cable
2. latch
3. cable protector plate w/ bolt
4. cylinder retainer
5. cylinder w/ or w/o key
6. cylinder bezel for the undertail.

thanks guys!!

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I think i have a new seat lock mechanism(would come with the lock, bezel, key....and i may have the backing thing) and the cover plate. Ended up buying a new lock thinking it could be re-keyed, but the locksmith said they can't get to the tumblers without destroying the unit. Anyway, i may have that stuff as well as i think i have a spare cable laying around somewhere.

However, contact LBC_rider (or something like that) to see what he has. He may have everything you need. If not i believe between him and myself we could get you up and running with everything you need.
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