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Well....I won't go into the details but I had a nasty low side on my 03 999. Nobody to blame but myself....

I am not going through my insurance and was wondering if anyone had these parts in good condition and are interested in selling them...

- headlight bucket

- front brake master ....

On mine, the brake fluid is leaking out of the reservior line seal into the master...I am not sure if I can buy a seal kit for it....then again...I am unsure if the internals are ok...

- brake lever

- clutch lever

- right clip on

- lower fork clamp with steering stem....Found

that is it for now...but I am sure I have missed something.

If anyone has yellow mono 03 fairings that they would like to sell I would be interested in looking at them at least.

I live in Ottawa, Ont. Canada. I would like to try and send the parts by USPS, this way I can avoid the heavy brokerage fees

You can contact me by IM or through e-mail at [email protected]

Thanks for looking.....

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Sorry about your luck. There area set of yellow fairings on e-bay right now (sorry don't have the link) and cyclecat has a new bar/system with remote resevoirs that might fill most of your requirements and more!! I agree ups etc. phony brokerage fee's are bull since NAFTA! Monette sports in MOntreal has a good supply of used parts too! ask for Patty.
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