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WTB: Thorsten Frame sliders

I know it's a long shot but.....

I am looking for a set of thortsen frame sliders in the states (track day is too soon to get them here I am thinking)

just bought brand new bodywork and hate the thought of having to cut holes for the standard sliders first, and then the throsten's later, no thanks :mad:

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I've got a spare fuel pump what you got? fleabay price is $160' ish you can have this one for $120 or trade for something.

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Got Bodywork!

Like it says, whatcha got?

figured I would try here before fleabay gets all my money :woot:
I think that I have what you need on the bodywork and even the fuel pump. I have two different options on the bodywork but not all of the pictures right this second. Everything I have is OEM and ready to rock for the track. In fact I was using one set just last season. Shoot me your email address and I will start sending you some pictures and prices. Crazy timing...I was just about to start posting this stuff later today. My work email address is [email protected]

I have one set that is complete OEM. And another set that is the upper and both sides with no tail. Or you could mix and match. Up to you. Talk to you soon....

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