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WTB - front wiring section for 998 (headlight/switchgear) new or used, dealers? in stock?

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WTB - front wiring section for 998 (headlight/switchgear) all set, thanks dave!

hey gang,
not critical for finishing the bike but it would make life easy so i don't have to make a proper unit compared to the clodgy makeshift wiring i've currently got.
if anybody's got the wiring harness for the headlight and switchgear off a 998 available, i'd love to get my hands on it. ducati part number is 510.1.163.1A. note that this is not the same as what's used on the 748/916/996.
please reply here, or IM or email ([email protected]hoo.com) with availability/price/shipping/etc... thanks!

thanks dave! ducati seattle's got one en route...

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