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WTB - Ducati SBK race/track bike

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Prefer 748, 996, 998 with some good bits on it already. Or else a cheap stocker.

TIA, Chris
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Re: WTB - Ducati SBK race/track bike (Spoolin440)

My project 748 is almost done it is a 1998 748 with a 996 mono tail and aluminum sub-frame from a 998, 998 side fairings with carbon belly pan, also has the 5-spoke wheels. Engine is stock with new clutch parts and some other misc bits. If you are interested at all let me know. It won't be all the way done for a little bit, but in the next month or two.

Here are a few pictures.
Well, kinda hard to tell from thoes pics. Why don't you email me some history on the bike, some details on the parts, title status, etc, and a price... we can go from there.
sent an im
or shoot me an email
Re: (gixracer)

I am selling my 996s, only 1,100 miles and has some nice goodies like Ohlins and Marchesini rims etc. I'll be posting an ad in the classifieds shortly, otherwise drop me a mail [email protected]
Re: (Dazza)


I have a 2000 748 track bike that I've been hanging on to. Suspension set and frame checked by Pete at GMD Computrack(racetech 9.5 springs and gold valves 165lb rider), rear shock by traxxion dynamics, 5 spoke wheels, track fairings, vance and hines slip ons. Can't remember what else. Purchased a new 749 last year for track days and it's been sitting around. The clock shows around 20k but I'm not sure what it has. The bike had been apart before I purchased it and definately some BS from the guy I got it from. I did around 15 track days on it and never had a problem. It has a clear title but I would need to get a new one from DMV. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
Re: (Dave B.)

We do have this one still
Year: 2001 748R w/ '03 748RS engine
Power: 125 RWHP Fresh
GP Suspension, Brembo Master Cylinder, STM Slipper Clutch,
Remus Full 52mm Exhaust, Spares Available, Tech Support Available
Upon Request, Fresh & Ready To Go!
It is on consignment and the price has ben dropping ! Give Bill our sales guy a call if you like, he just fired it off and gave a good look see. It has been sitting for almost a year
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Called Bill.... its ashame the owner thinks this bike is more than it really is. I mean it has for the most part a stock 748 Showa susp. and there is nothing really "R" about it. The engine is pretty cool but it doesn't make it worth the askig price. I gave Bill a fair offer...
Re: (Spoolin440)

The reason for the Showa's is that the folks from GP suspension are able to do more with these than the OEM Ohlins. The Showa's function better than the Ohlins once modified as these have been. This bike was very dominant in local Pro Thunder class winning the Championship along with taking the overall # 2 plate for WMRRA. This bike is set up properly and would make an excelent and competitve club racer and an awesome track day bike.. price wise, we will present the offer to the man who owns the bike but I will say I think it will take a couple grand more to make this happen
I'm selling my stock 99 748mono. check out my ad somewhere in here.
I saw it... $5700 for a stock 99' with 13k on it :/

I'd prolly give up 5k for it but thats about it.
I sent you an email about 2 bikes that I have.
01 748, and 02 998.

let me know if you didn't get the email, and/or if you're interested in either.
I emailed ya looking for a price... we'll go from there.
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