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WTB - (Black) Ducati Badge for Monposta Rear Fairing Unit

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Have just puchased a carbon monposta rear unit for conversion from Biposta....

Need to finish the piece with a Triangular Ducati badge "thingamee gigamee"....

You know the one i am talking about....positioned strategically behind your ass to blend in with the shit stain you leave after you fly past the fuzz at Mach 3 on your favourite final turn exit....

Can anyone advise me on the best place to get one?

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Re: WTB - (Black) Ducati Badge for Monposta Rear Fairing Unit (spoilt4choice)

I just got a c/f monoposto tail to convert a biposto...Jason at section8 had all the parts!
Re: WTB - (hearing8)

We have those Corse Decals in stock....they are slightly raised with adhesive on the back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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