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As some of you know my story of tearing the clutch master cylinder rubber boot on my 999R while attempting to install CRG levers. Well, I looked high and low for a replacement Brembo OE rubber boot, a simple part, but without success. Its apparent the rumor Brembo purposely does not offer that part because it forces suckers like me to upgrade to a new master cylinder.:mad: Ducati parts catalog doesn't have it nor do the known parts houses. All of the Brembo replacement parts are geared for the latest parts, not OE. OPPRacing told me they usually send repairable master cylinders back to Brembo for repair so at this time I'm waiting for them to get back to me on the cost of the repair, replacing a $2.00 rubber boot. In all likelyhood it will be expensive knowing their MO. So expensive it forces you back to the new parts catalog. I hope I'm wrong on this.

In the meantime I figured I would start looking around for a used OE replacement for my 03 999R. All I need is the body of the master cylinder, not the stock lever.

Any help is appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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