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If NJMP didn't fudge up there original plans of combining both circuits together, I'd say that would be the perfect place for a WSBK round. Three major cities within 2-3 hrs along with the most densely populated region per square mile. Last yr's AMA round was touted as not only being the MOST spectated event at NJMP but also the largest AMA event of the yr.

The NJ/NYC tri-state area is full of mc enthusiasts who've been waiting for an eternity for mc racing to come to our region, it's a shame. I'm REALLY wishing some racing financiers/enthusiasts choose another site to build on closer to NYC, say off of I78 somewhere and that they do it right this time. There would be no better area in the US to sponsor a world event imho.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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