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wiring harness modification?

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is there any easy way to remove the rear part of the harness that controls the rear lights, etc... without having to hack into the harness and modify it? i havent looked into it too much yet, but im hoping the rear part of the harness can just be unplugged.
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so the rear lights, etc... are all tied into the balance of the wiring that goes to the rectifier, ecu, etc... hmm, perhaps ill look for a used race harness as i like keeping the stock stuff in case i ever want to put it back to street.
I maybe wrong and way off base, but it sounds like you are looking for "free" HP... i.e. less of a load on the engine while at the track, no?
pretty much, although mostly weight loss, and the fact that im going to cut my subframe down and there isnt going to be much room to fit all that extra "crap" that i dont need. but i dont want to butcher the stock harness. not sure if extra hp will be available with less of a draw on the charging system but if there is that would be a bonus. never knew that to be the case, but it does sound logical. could you elaborate on that?
when i bought this bike i told myself im going to keep it for a long time, but ive said that about every other bike ive had in the past and i typically cant get more than 2 years out of a bike before im bored and want something different. however, considering that i now have 5 kids (15,14, 1.5, and 2 months old (twins)) i dont have the luxury i did when i had only two kids. picking up a spare rear harness is a good idea since i could mod that without making it a huge project. as it stands now the bike is up on my bench and complete naked (with the tank to come off soon too). i take my bikes down to this state each off season for a detailed cleaning/lube, and torque check on all bolts, etc.... so its not a major project to access anything on the bike. ill have to look at the service manual, but it would be great if i can just do a rear harness mod (i can find a used one on ebay) to have just the essentials back there.
lol, that completely skipped my mind ben. if i go that route ill give you a shout.

ideally, if the rear harness easily plugs into the rest of the harness and i dont have to do any modifying myself (other than strip down the rear part of the harness) id grab one. i have to look into it more.
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