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Winter 2010 Street and Track Builds

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Picked up another 2002 RC51 in November, right before the cold weather arrived, so there are two bikes to work on over the winter. Street one will be pretty boring, the goal is to keep it mostly stock and any mods are only to duplicate the track bike setup. Plenty of progress made so far on the both, but neither are really rideable yet. If there's anything people would like better pictures of, just let me know

Street progress first: Rashed and beat up stock hand controls completely replaced: Vortex clipons, radial clutch and brake masters (ZX14 & CBR1000RR). Forks & Shock are getting serviced at Lithium Motorsports and now running 3 spoke wheels front and back (600RR & 1000RR). Soft-rev limit removed, missing tip over sensor (WTF?) ordered and gearing changed to 15/42. Two Brothers dual exhaust swapped out for a larger 2-1 system with an aluminum Jardine can. Switched back to stock rearsets with VFR shifter for GP pattern. Only likely future upgrade would be a PC3.

Here's pics of the tip over sensor plugged into the diagnostic connector as well as the 3 spoke wheels and current state of dis-assembly.

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I wanted that subframe:banghead looks like the ticket is two bikes Great Job "BRO"
I wanted that subframe:banghead looks like the ticket is two bikes Great Job "BRO"
Dude that bike is tight :clapper
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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