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Thought I would through this offer out to you guys and girls in here too

TrackTactics.com is going to be paying the difference for anybody, new or old, racer or not, to go to Willow Springs Raceway (Big Willow) for only $87.00!!

This event will normally cost you around $120.00, the staff at TrackTactics.com has decided that Big Willow is such a popular track, that it also deserved a great promotional price like all the others! No longer do you need to pay an arm and a leg in order to enjoy the thrill and safety of a real race track!

When is it? October 12th 2009

Where? Willow Springs Raceway's 2.5 mile Big Willow course

Why? To save lives and get people on the track! So bring a friend!

Where do I find out more? http://www.TrackTactics.com

I will of course be going and was wondering if anybody else was going to get in on this? This is the end of the need to pay $100+ per track day anymore!

TrackTactics provides discounts to CaliPhotography and the Devonshire Inn(The hotel near Willow Springs) so check out the promotions section of the forum at Tracktactics.com!
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