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If you had the chance to ride ONE MotoGP bike from the four-stroke era (2002 onwards), which would it be?

We've provided a list to choose from, including both 990 and 800cc machines...
So here's your chance to have your say... Which MotoGP bike would you choose?

Aprilia RS Cube (990cc)
Ducati Desmosedici (990cc)
Ducati Desmosedici (800cc)
Honda RC211V (990cc)
Honda RC212V (800cc)
Kawasaki ZX-RR (990cc)
Kawasaki ZX-RR (800cc)
Proton KR211V (990cc)
Roberts KR212V (800cc)
Suzuki GSV-R (990cc)
Suzuki GSV-R (800cc)
Yamaha M1 (990cc)
Yamaha M1 (800cc)

vote here

And before it becomes an issue, I'll throw some legs in here right off the bat :eek:


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RC211V because it employs the basic architecture of the RC45...

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I would like to test ride the Honda RC211V because that was the bike was able to win by 10+ seconds. :rockon

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The 211V is a V5
The RC45 is a V4

This is a completely different architecture..
Quote MotoGp Tech 2

Honda have admitted that the internals of their
RC211V started off very similar to their RC45 superbike

Honda has confirmed that the basic specifications of the engine were
similar to the RC45 race bike. An RC45 and additional front cylinder
would displace 936cc, and its power output would be more than enough
as a starting point for a 990cc MotoGP engine - somewhere in excess of
200bhp. It would be relatively simple to stroke the engine slightly to
attain the maximum 990 capacity...

With the basic specifications closely related to the original RC45
that had a 72mm bore and a 46mm stroke, simply adding a fifth cylinder
would get a 936cc engine, and stretching the stroke 2.5mm would take
us to 987cc.

Quote Kevin Cameron:

As many have noted (including Jeremy Burgess) the original RC211V
V-Five was just a developed V-Four RC45 Superbike engine with an added

Quote Jeremy Burgess

"The Honda is that the V5, if you look an it closely, has a lot of
the architecture of the RC45/RVF750 with another cylinder attached."
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