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Which bike to get?

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Hey guys, my dad is looking to get a bike and i need suggestions.
Please keep in mind, he's in his mid 60's, has ridden a little bit before but i've seen him ride and you can put him in the begginners class. Basically, he needs a dual-purpose bike priced around 2k. He's retired and lives in the country, so he just wants to be able to go ride some easy trails and then occasionally take the pavement to go run a few errants, but no highway and no speeding.
He's about 5'6" and doesn't have very good balance, so the seat height has to be somewhat low. What do you all think? I was lookin' at a TW200, looks like a user-friendly bike but i've never ridden one outside of a parking lot. There are lots of used ones around. Any ideas?
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Re: Which bike to get? (LeRacer)

How 'bout a used one of these:

Re: Which bike to get? (V-Twin Power)

The TW200 is a pretty neat mount for anyone not needing biggest, bestest fastest. It also is street legal with a low seat height and electric start so there's no kicking. I've been looking for a used one for a few years now as my wife wants a dual sport and deemed the TW seat "very comfy". I haven't found a used one yet that hasn't been used up!
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