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Where to buy Brembo brake M/C Repair/Replace Components

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I've checked at the usual suspects, but wasn't able to find what I need. Seemingly the M/C I have went down and several components were damaged, necessitating replacement... see below. It's an expensive paperweight otherwise...

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Around here Brembo only sells levers as spare. You have to send the M/C to the factory for an overhaul. Turnaround time is two/three months :)eek:) and if they decide it's not worth fixing it they'll cut it in half and throw it in the garbage bin.
That's why I will be selling my Brembo M/C and getting either a forged Nissin or a Discacciati M/C.
Placed order with OPP today. Thanks all for quick responses!
I am sending a letter to Brembo right now... :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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