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roadkill said:
Was looking at the final standings for the Canadian Superbike series and saw that Jordan Szoke finished fourth......brought a big smile....I remember him when he was Scott Russell's teammate on the Hardley's.....that dude always had some bizarre hair thingy going on....for a while he had one side of his head dyed black and the other orange with the H-D logo cut into it....fun to watch....don't believe he ever actually finished a race, just a minor technicality......anyone else remember that guy?
Technically Szoke wasn't Ru$$ell's team mate. He ran for either Blue Byou or Austin as a privateer on the VR1000. They also ran Cal Rayborn Jr a few times.

He was riding for Corona Suzuki, I believe, when he was found to be not on a working visa, but a visiting/tourist visa by the USA. He was then barred from getting into America for pretty much the entire racing season sorting out a working visa.
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