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What I've been working on.......

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Not as cool as Turbo's antique Kawi build, but I am building an IROC-ZX-10R :D

Parts have been arriving slowly over the last month so over the weekend I got busy and it's starting to look like a proper racebike.

Brembo MC with Triple Tree Pinch bolt reservoir mount

+ Spiegler lines

Ohlins TTX-GP shock with linear 5% race link

Not installed yet are the Ohlins forks which should be arriving this week & the M4 exhaust. The bodywork has been fitted and will be sent to the painters when I get back from Vegas next week.

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Developing a TTX-GP Shock for the RC51, got the old fat girl down to 9 seconds off the lap record at Buttonwillow and I still wasn't at 100%

The backend of the bike remained much more composed that it has ever been before and the grip getting on the gas was without a doubt the best I have ever experienced on an RC51. I have never been more pleased with any mod I have ever done to the one of these bikes. It would be very difficult to choose between the 30mm Fork Kit and this new Shock as to which is the greatest benefit, but I can tell you if this type of technology had been around 15 years ago there would have been a lot more RC51's on club level podiums than there already were...

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WTF Mike!!!!!!!! You have to stop posting stuff like this. I keep having to clean my screen due to such sexy images.
So it has been almost three years now! How is the progress?
So it has been almost three years now! How is the progress?
TTX-GP for the RC51 is a massive success on the track. I build them one at a time as needed. For most the conventional HO204 S46 typeOhlins for the RC51 is more than enough, but it is nice to have options.

Still doing RC51 fork reworks every single week. I seriously cannot believe I have not done them all by this point....

Nothing really new in my track world as I am still rocking the ridiculously built R6, but I am about to add some tire temp sensors to my data logging so that will be something new to learn from.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Vehicle brake
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