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Been doing some trackdays here & there, doing trackside suspension service and just general riding for fun - no product testing or anything so it's been a very laid back atmosphere around me at the track lately.

Awesome event at Buttonwillow with Let's Ride on Memorial Day

I loved this guys custom 900SS

Also learned that the 5000K LED strip lights I installed in the van were a bit overkill. Gonna have to install a dimmer switch soon

The second session of the day I was working with my wife on track and waiting for her to catch up when she got tangled up with some friends and instead of carrying on with me she went flying by with them so I pressed the "**** it" button and just went for a stroll. I was kinda bored with helping her anyway :)

This was the start to an epic day at Laguna... You just couldn't get better conditions. 75°, breezy, little cloud cover here & there.

I wasn't actually signed up to ride as I was just there to be pit-bitch for my wife and support some of my customers, but by 1:00 after watching the bikes go fast all day I was like that scene in Ricky Bobby where Girard breaks Ricky's lap record and he was all "ALRIGHT GET MY CAR OFF THE TRAILER!" so I paid my $90 and went out for a couple sessions , skipped the last one of the day and was home, unloaded and back at the local watering hole within 45 minutes. It's so nice being just 5 minutes from the track!

Just because I can... Some pics of the bikes staged for loading on Friday night :)

101 - 120 of 124 Posts