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How do you figure? The way I see it, is the CRT allows for more prototypes. WSBK is supposed to be manufacturer based. Hopefully with the CRT teams if any show up we will see some different solutions to the racing build then the same old we have been seeing for a while now.

Its pretty pathetic for the "premier" series to field under 20 bikes on a regular basis when its support race gets around 40. Not to mention better racing. They have to do something to get more entries.

I kind of hope they can turn moto gp into what the F1 championship is. For the teams the money is in the constructors championship and not in the drivers championship.
In WSBK in both supersport & superbike, the motors & frames are visually similar to the road bikes only. Frames are bulit with different rakes, engine mounting point locations & swingarm pivot heights. Forks & triple clamps allow changes to trail etc & the motors have a large degree of freedom. Electronics & the associated electronic controls are free range.
On the same tracks, Supersport bikes turn better lap times than Moto2.
Agreed, Moto GP needs a shot in the arm and much smarter people than me are proposing alternatives. The CRT rules allow the non CRT teams to claim the CRT bike if the get to close to the current Moto GP formula bikes. Not a rule that inspires true competion but one that lets teams run around at the back of the pack & get in the road of the leaders from mid race point on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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