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Weird Speedometer issue?

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One time, about a year ago, I was riding on the road and stopped for gas. Right after I got right on the highway and as I was merging I looked down at the speedometer and said WTF, I'm doing like 120. Then I realized I was not rally passing many cars. I pulled off the next exit and shut it off and restarted. No issues after, and I really didn't ride it much on the street after that. Since I rarely look at the speedo on track, I never noticed that again.
On Saturday I was riding again on the street and near the end of the ride filled up then got directly on the highway. Again, looked down and saw 108. Not too unexpected for an RC51, but again not really passing cars. This time I waited a minute until I was clear of traffic and pulled the clutch and shut it off for a couple seconds. Restarted, and seemed fine after that.
Anyone else ever seen this?
Between the two times, I've been thinking it over now and again. Can't come up with anything. I thought that maybe it got switched into km/hr somehow, but this last time I looked for sure at the display and it said mph.
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Hey Kevin,

This happened to me once long ago... You did not mention IF you reset your milage readings or not... I'm guessing you do though...?

When it happened to me:
After my fill up.... I'm cruisen down some nice back roads... and I'm hitting the LOUD Handle coming out of a corner and looked down and thought OMG!... LOL ofcourse I wasn't going as fast as it said... looking closer I saw the readings had switched to KPH... I stopped and just reset to read MPH and all has been good for the last 50,000 miles!;)

IF this is in fact, what is happening to yours... You just need to pay attention to how long you hold the reset button,... HOLD it too long and it switches... all's you have to do is hold it again, until you get mph readings again.
Now, if this is happening with just turning your key on and off... Then something else is going on... Not good I would guess....?

I Hope this Helps in some way...?;)
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Yeah, I do reset the trip meter. But I know that this last time I saw it still said mph.
Maybe I really was going that fast? Not unheard of, for sure!:woot:
yeah but none of your guys saw 256mph on your speed yet have ,ya? Rookies ...all rookies.:D
yeah but none of your guys saw 256mph on your speed yet have ,ya? Rookies ...all rookies.:D
Hey You.. Rookie-3stripes... You mean 205mph, right:rolleyes: Hehehehee :p ;)
if you have a speedohealer, check the connection at the speedohealer. mine would wiggle loose a little without unplugging and my speedo would jump all over the place. just taped it down with a little tension on the plug and no problems since.
Speaking of speedohealer, I don't have one, but I went by a radar sign the other day and it matched my speedo. You guys running 15/41 find that to be an accurate ratio? My GPS crapped out a few months ago and I haven't gotten a new one, so I haven't been able to cross check that way.
OK, now I know I'm not crazy! Happened again twice yesterday. Does read in MPH and MILES on the trip meter, but is nearly double or at least adding 30-40. One time I only stopped at the gas station because my friend was filling up. I didn't touch anything on my bike except key and starter. I glanced down a minute later and it was showing 90, and I was barely doing 50 at the time. Second time was after my fuel stop a bit later. I'm getting good at rolling resets...:rolleyes:
despite not having a speedohealer it sounds exectly like what happened when the plug was loose. check your connections. if i remember right there is one in the tail, on the right side for speed sensor.
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