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WAR Again

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Guess in a few hrs when the training session begins in the korean sea' that the norths dip chips will start to bomb every body in the area,stay tuned boys and girls,more blood shed,really sad,i say get hell out and let china get off thier fat ass's and take care of the matter,jackass's.We got way to much on our hands right now,lets not have our soldiers get hurt or worse lets finish the war were in now afganistan.:banghead
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Yeah, THAT'S it, China's gonna do something.......:banghead Maybe we should just kick back and wait for that sawed off piece of sheet to export the ONLY export his rat hole of a "nation" has.........nukes?

Semper Fi! :rockon

North Korea is a proxy antagonizer to the US for China. NK would not exist if it were not for China. They will do nothing. Someone should offer the Kim father and son $10B, immunity, and their own island resort to leave and let Korea re-unify. When reunification finally happens and we learn the true hell 99% its citizens/slaves live in, modern society will be ashamed it did nothing for so long. Possibly the worst place on Earth.
WTF is wrong with my photo links? Can't make them big any more.:banghead

Caption reads:
"North Korea: Our people starve so that others may incinerate."
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