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Hi lads,

I'm in dire need of a pair of completely standard 916 pistons for very little money, lets face it living in the UK the import duty will probably kill me!

Right here goes...
I have a '92 851/916cc special and just before this years IOM TT it dropped a valve, which also killed an irreplaceable V Two 604 exhaust cam.$$$
Now I'm poorer than the local church mice, but over the years have stashed away some parts, I've got almost all of the parts needed for the rebuild, but if I can find some 916 pistons at a cheap price, then modify them to take 35/30 valves I can then 'Drop On' my spare pair of rebuilt 916SP heads*.

*I'd been saving them for a rainy day/my 984cc project motor, but it's pouring down now!

Steve R
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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