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WANTED: Carbon Fiber Air Ducts

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Looking to buy a set of CF Air Ducts for my 748. I'd be interested in all brands new or used. Post or call (361) 739-5896.


Ross Simpson
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I recommend Benfer Performance for airducts. Beautiful.
Good luck
Re: (corse955)

Yep, those are definately on the top of my list, but I just can't justify spending the $500. But trust me, if I had an extra $500 laying around, BFP would be getting a phone call right now- they're absolute pieces of art.
Re: WANTED: Carbon Fiber Air Ducts (Holliday)

Check here:


I was gonna pick them up,but funds had run short,maybe they are still avail!
Good luck!!
Re: WANTED: Carbon Fiber Air Ducts (riedel996)

Thanks Riedel!

Checked them out. Don't know if they're still available or not, but it looks to be more work that I'm able to undertake right now. It's a shame too- great price and good looks. I've sold my stock set, and am waiting on a set to get my bike up and running again, so I'm looking for a quick, bolt on pair.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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