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I've a '99 996S with 12k miles that has just gotten back from it's 12,000 mile service. So, no worries about rockers. Bike has alot of extras, including:
Complete Mono and BiPosto tail sections
Mono has Corbin seat and aluminum subframe
BiPosto has stock seats
Radial brake master cylinder
4-pad Brembo calipers
2 sets of stock wheels
one with EBC RaceLite Rotors
one with BrakeTech Iron Rotors
Light flywheel
Carbon air runners
Turn Signal in Mirrors Mirrors
FIM UM222 single injector chip

... and more stuff, that's the highpoints.

Got a deal on a 999S after throwing away my ST2. I've owned the 996S for the last 2 years, purchased from Eurosport in Fort Worth and maintained by Eurosport. I put 8,000 of the 12,000 miles on it. Really don't need 2 Ducati SuperBikes.

I'm picking it up from Eurosport tomorrow afternoon. I live in Grapevine, would be happy to arrange a time for you to come see and ride.

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Haven't really thought about it, didn't have bike for sale, just saw RMA's post. With everything that I listed, and the additional that I haven't thought of [Tall tinted windscreen!], I'd need $12,500. Would prefer to sell the bike plus all the extras. If it doesn't sell I'll continue to use it as my Sport-Touring bike, with the emphasis on Sport!

The next question is how much for just the bike. And the answer would depend on which rotors and which tail section. Again, I'd hate to sell just the bike. The way I've put this together it can be a regular Swiss Army Knife of Superbikes. Take it on a tour, or take it to the track, all the parts are there to optimize the bike for either activity.
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