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I have a '03 WR 450 with stock suspension that I would like to set up to ride paved road courses when I am not trail riding.

I am looking at wheels and hubs made by RAD Manufacturing offered by http://www.sumofallparts.net.

Any suggestions/advice concerning brake rotor choices, sprocket combinations, different chain?, suspension changes (does rear shock linkage have to be changed...my stock rear preload adjuster is about mid-way), etc...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Want to set up my WR450 for SM... (cycle-nut)

If you are going racing:

If I had it to do all over again, I would have limited my first supermoto race bike mods to a) dirt track tires for the stock rims, b) catch cans, and c) peg, bar, and axle sliders. Then I would have just raced it in sportsman events. Mucho fun, little money.

If you are doing track days on full sized road courses with other non supermoto bikes:

a)Any old 17 inch rims, with any old semi sporty street tires. b) smaller rear sprocket, larger front sprocket. c) over sized front rotor. You don't need a four pot caliper, racing slicks, or suspension changes to eat a typical sport bike's lunch at a track day... but you do need to be geared for 105 mph.

Of course, if you are racing in a non-sportsman class, or if you just like to spend money, you can trick your bike out any way you want. The extra money doesn't make it any extra fun, unless you are a "pride of ownership" sort of guy, or if you just dominate your local sportsman class so much you need to move up to middleweight to have fun.

That's just my
. I'm sure others will tell you how to spend lots of money, and why you should do it.

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Re: Want to set up my WR450 for SM... (banda)

but will you call it supermoto a bike with 21rim on the front?
just dual sport racing on pavment.
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