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want an 855?

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Ok, heres the deal, i have a 99 748 motor with about 4k total, and about 2.5k on a feracci 855 big bore kit. I bought the bike with a clean title (out of a wrecked bike), and can provide a copy, or maybe the original, as well as copies of reciepts. I can confirm it runs flawlessley (as it just got put into my bike) and tears ass too! Anyway, i want a 748 or preferbly a 748R motor for my race bike. I would be willing to trade for a motor in similar condition ( low miles, good running shape) and either some cash, or preferbly a trad such a motor+frame, or motor+52 or 54mm exhaust. I do not need any slipper clutches (one came in this motor). BUt i am willing to entertain all offer. Email me at [email protected]
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