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Re: Vincent Haskovec Charity Auction (Dave)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by Dave »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">http://www.rpmcolorado.com/auction.asp</TD></TR></TABLE>

Dave, thanks for the link.....there is some just awesome gear there I would love to have.

Anyone have an update on Vincent?

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Re: Vincent Haskovec Charity Auction (roadkill)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by roadkill »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Anyone have an update on Vincent?</TD></TR></TABLE>

Apparently the "official" http://www.getwellvincent.com site didn't last long.

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Re: Vincent Haskovec Charity Auction (Baasinator)

Great partisipation by the AMA guys, looks like all the factory guys represented, as well as a few privateers. Good going guys!

Hope all is going smooth on the long road to recovery....

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There are also t-shirts for sale for support...

From Bay Area Sport Riders;

Website and T-Shirts to Benefit Vincent Haskovec.

In order to raise money to help defray the medical costs of M4 EMGO Suzuki racer Vincent Haskovec, a special T-shirt has been created to help generate donations and awareness of Vincent and his accident. Haskovec suffered serious injuries when he crashed at over 100 mph while racing in the AMA Formula Xtreme class at Sonoma, Californian's Infineon Raceway on Saturday, May 14. The Czech racer hit a barrier that was protected only by tires, and his motorcycle struck him as well.

T-shirts are available for a tax deductible donation of $26 each in sizes SM-XXL in black using a bleach dye process for the Czecher logo(see image) on the back with Vincent's full name on the front. All proceeds will be donated to Vincent Haskovec. To order T-shirts contact Lisa Keating (info below) or Paypal your $25 donation along with desired size and shipping info to [email protected] and the orders will be processed as quickly as possible. In addition, people are encouraged to donate to the Roadracing World Action Fund, which helps too provide racetracks with air barriers.

Lisa keating photography
1285 64th St. #D
Emeryville, CA 94608

[email protected]


Paypal $25 to [email protected]
with size information and shipping

T-Shirts will also be available @
Laguna Seca at the following vendor
areas: Road Racer X, Pirelli, RPM &

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I spoke with a guy at the track where they were selling the Czecher t'shirts who had Vincent as a house guest for two weeks and knew him well....

The story is is that he is in St. Clare Hospital in San Jose and has no feeling below his chest....and probably never will.

Vincent was a real fun guy to be around and I enjoyed kidding around with him...he was a bit of a prankster, just after my heart.

I am so saddened to hear this....had hoped for a better medical prognosis.

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I went over to see Vincent while I was in the area for MotoGP.
It was his first day at rehab.
He just moved to a new room and there was a person from Suzuki to talk about his updates for the website.
They plan to put news about Vincent's for fans.
He seemed in great sprit.
He was very excited about rehab program.
I was happy to see him smile.

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Re: (nutmegchoi)

Thanks for the update.

From what I've seen, Vincent goes through his whole life with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. I think he'll make it through this ordeal the same way. Maybe we'll see him out there dicing it up with Wayne Rainey and Eddie Lawson in a hand-control kart one of these days...

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Actually, that's what I said to him.
When he was all excited about getting on a wheel chair, I told him that somehow I have this feeling he'll find a way to go faster.
We had a good laugh.

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I am willing to bet StClare hospital is Santa Clara Valley medical center. Its one of the Beast Spinal Cord places around. Had my Thumb rebuilt there about twenty years ago.

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Vincent checked himself out of the hospital, and went home so as to push himself with different idea's of physical therapy....


I've been following him as closely as I can as he seems to have the same attitude as I do at this point. I just found out I need a kidney transplant (2nd one -had one 17 years ago) and I feel some of the same things.

God speed Vincent, keep the positive vibe's flowing and you can overcome anything!

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Re: (Saginaw748)

Good luck with your kidney transplant.
Seeing your attitude, I'm sure it'll be alright.
Let us know how it goes.
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