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Being bored on a Friday night I pulled down a torrent on the history of World Superbike racing. It started from the begining in 1998 and went through the series start up, struggles, riders, bikes, etc year by year. Being British it was of course filled with Fogarty more than it should have been.

One thing I found every interesting is when Fogarty went over to Honda to ride the RC45 and stated just how horrible the bike was. It was also interesting to have Edwards say the same thing and how happy he was when the RC51 came along. In a nutshell the documentry commented on how much Honda sunk into the RC45 and how a complete failure it was. Only on person could ride to a championship and that was Kocinski who everyone simply hated. (SBK.COM | RIDER)

Now we can go off about the rules being biased for Ducait, etc, etc but you wouldn't believe how much they simply bagged on this bike during the 3 to 4 years it was in the championship. They said for the money Honda put into it they should have walked away with the championship and didn't. Words like "Complete Failure" always crept in (even during the crew interviews). I never laughed so hard watching a Documentry in my life.

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