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They should also have mentioned how much Cagiva (at the time owners of the Ducati brand) sank into the WSBK and 500cc efforts. At least they got results, though in the end the group tanked despite selling bikes by the truckload.
One of the things that always amazed me is this.
In 1992 Team Rumi was given a prototype RC45 to test. They returned it saying the bike wasn't such a big improvement over the RC30 they were racing at the time. The bike officially debuted two years later (the famous shark-mouth purple racer) in a semi-works fashion and was still far from competitive.
It would have been clear that the RC45 as a racing platform wasn't a match for Ducati twins. I have often wondered why Honda sunk untold millions into it instead of designing a new bike from scratch. It was obvious the RC45 was a great bike but lacked that certain "race potential" the RC30 had back in the days and the VTR-SP would have later.
With the silly money Honda spent reworking frames and keep coming up with exotic new swingarms on a seemingly monthly basis they could have designed and built a new bike. After all the RC45 was only built in 1994 and 1995 and it was immediately obvious problems lay in the frame department. I know I will attract a great deal of flak here (where's the helmet donning smilie when you need it?) but they could have just kept the engine and built a different bike around it. I have no doubt HRC money and expertise could have squeezed the V4 to get enough power to be competitive and perhaps even winning (more flak ahead).
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