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Used 1098/1198 30mm Magnesium Triple Clamp Set

Sale Price: $999.99
List Price: $1,599.99

USED but in great condition
These Cast Magnesium triple clamps for the Ducati 1098-1198 are lighter and stiffer than OEM cast aluminum pieces. Includes an aluminum steer tube to replace the heavy original steel steer tube, billet steering stops, top triple and beefy bottom magnesium triple clamps.
The 30mm offset adds 6mm of trail. With the installation of these triples, your bike will finish turns better. The triple will allow you to get on the gas earlier and hold your line better as well as giving you a better "feel" for the front end. The 6mm change shortens the wheelbase making the bike turn faster and with less effort.
Available for OEM Ohlins or any fork that is 53/56
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