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Hey Everyone,

We are looking to get a preliminary headcount for those of you planning to attend.

The Forecast for - April 17th 2005

60-65 degrees/partly cloudy

We had cars on the track last weekend, so there is alot of rubber down and the tracks in perfect condition.

I just spoke with Jeremy Wilkey and he's excited to help everyone out. He is looking forward to getting people dialed in and ready for the season.

Recently I heard some rumors from people showing concern.

The suspension set-up is not meaning, he is going to tear apart your suspension and re-valve or re-spring it. He is there to get the current suspension on your bike dialed in. If you've had it done by someone else, no problem, he just wants everyone to get a better understanding of suspension and a better feel on their bikes.

You could consider this a testing event. Something that alot of factory teams do before there events. You go out and try different things to get the best combination and become comfortable with your bike.

I am trying to provide this service to you. Giving the regional riders, privateers and all those who want to have the advantages of the factory teams. To have their suspension dialed in by a professional in the field.

However if you do want him to re-do your suspension, he can certainly take care of that as well. But it is not mandatory.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion.

Head Count Please -
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