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I know most of you guys are in the states, but I thought I'd stick this up here anyway on the off chance...

Its potentially a sad day but we have an offer going in on a house tomorrow so I thought I'd see what the market is like...

It currently looks like this:

and has an 01RaceFX graphics kit with the standard Honda graphics to be fitted.

It can also look like this but with black (or gold) wheels:

Spec list can be as long or as short as you want, including all, some or none of the following:

Thorsten Durbahn carbon/kevlar endurance fairing with NC30 mirrors
Standard fairing and mirrors good condition in red/black
Scabby fairing sides and top for track use
Dymag 3 spokes with front disks and a few different sprockets
Durbahn glassfibre airbox (not fitted)
Durbahn Ti full system of questionable looks with RSV Mille SP shotgun cans
JTR slipper clutch
Durbahn Cable Clutch Converion
Ohlins rear shock
Durbahn crash bungs
Durbahn c/f snorkel
Braided lines
Double bubble screen
Power commander 3
Lightweight A123 battery
Corbin seat
Durbahn big breather gasket (not fitted)
Pair of spare radiators in good nick
Whatever else I've forgotten...

All standard parts (exhaust system, complete clutch, wheels etc etc etc) available as well. I really thought this was a keeper, :( but its quite a lot of cash to have tied up at a time when cash is about to become very scarce :eek:

Any questions just ask...

Price will be from £2800 and up depending on whats taken and whats left...

If it sells in or near standard form, there will be a few easily postable bits and bobs up for grabs :)

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