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Anyone has the URL address of the guy who build the white flat tracker Triumph that featured in Cycle world MC shows around US and a couple months ago on American Flayers?

The guy is known about his Welding skills on Frames i had the URL but i cant find it anymore

im talking abou this bike (on the cage)

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Re: triumph tracker (Giannis)

What do you need to know?
I work at a good size ASME weld shop, my boss is a metallurgist and I have a friend who has his own weld shop and has some serious skills and loves working on bikes.


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Re: triumph tracker (Giannis)

sorry, no pics. (but if you still want a 2 stroke street i have a Yamy SDR...)

Baer Motorsports
Banke Performance
C & J Racing Frames
Champion Racing Frames
Circle F Racing Frames L.L.C.
Durelle Racing
Flat Track Accessories
Gopher Glass
Grand Prix Glass Works
J & M Racing Frames
Kennedy Racing/Staracer
Mule Motorcycles ............ maybe...


Neil Keen Performance
nmotion Technology
Rocket Science Racing
Ron Wood Racing
Total Performance Racing
Trackmaster Racing Frames
Weiss Racing
West Coast Racing

good luck.

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