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Traction Control - Is it really a safty system?

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For years I would mostly do street riding.
The years went on, the bikes replaced over the years, each time they were faster, sportier and more captivating.

The chassis became stiffer, the brakes stronger the tires became better and better.

Yet, as the years went on, the risk requiered to reach the same previous levels of Dopamin/spiritual sublimity increased.

While bikes improved the human being did not, yet the bikes were able to cover up more and more of its deficits.

In other words, even if you aren't that talented you can go much faster than what a more talented person could just a few years ago.
However theimprovment was limmited to the improvment of the bike.

However (and sorry for that lengthy prelude), TC changes all that more abruptly than other developments, as it obsoletes significant techniques like throttle control - speed will increase and the fatality of bike accidents will risen sharply.
Further more, the rider does not receive the same indication of unease of the bike itself due to the screen put by TC.

Thus the question I put to you:
Does TC can be considered a safty mechanism for street riders, or will it only increase the enthusiastic rider speed on the road, making him crash harder, faster and with a higher fatality rate.
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I have traction control on my BMW. It has kicked in a couple of time, both times because of gravel on the road. I won't argue against its usefulness. I cover a lot of road each year and every little thing that helps is more than welcome.
You may also argue against tyre technology with this logic: in the past ten years it has progressed immensely and only accelerated in the past four years. Modern touring tyres grip better than past sports tyres and do so in all conditions. It's called progress.
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