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Trackday at Norman Oklahoma this Saturday

never rode on this track but a lot of guys said is one of the best Cart tracks with a 750ft straight. (No dirt)

Fees are $50 all day and swap sessions with Carts.

Any chance anyone from around the Dallas area might be going that would have room for me and my bike? Would really like to go, but no way to transport my bike up there.

Directions I-35 North from Dallas all the way to Norman. Take the 106 exit then go east, take your first left at the used truck dealership. Take that service road all the way around to the track. If you see the track from I-35 then you have gone too far. :D

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Re: Trackday at Norman Oklahoma this Saturday (Giannis)

I might be their temp is only going to be in the mid 40s.Plus their is areanacross in Guthrie.

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Re: Trackday at Norman Oklahoma this Saturday (Fish)

First track day ever with my bike was GREAT!!!!

Hopefully the next time will be warm (it was at the lower 40s, not bad when we where on the track but freezing out of it!)

Bike was pretty good, at first i felt strange with foot out and everything then get used to it and i was going faster. I tried both MX and street boots, i rode faster with the street ones but i felt safer with the MX ones having my foot out and dragging it! Bike needs a smaller back sprocket ( has a 44 needs a 41)

Damn is addictive! much more fun and much safer than sport-bike track days!

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