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1st track day ever, leave them on, & when you pit in, ck out if there scraped @ all :confused:

If there scraped, ask a control rider for next session to watch you (just be honest & say this is your 1st track day & you must have a bad body position since your scaping the peg scrapers), so he can tell you what your doing wrong in your body positions ;)

The cause of scraping them is from 1. to low of pegs, but 2. Mostly TOOO much lean angle which in turns causes less tyre contact, the more you hang off & keep the bike upright, the bigger tyre patch on the ground, which = more traction = more control !

99.9% of the time the control riders will help you & give you some great points( he may even say remove them for the next sessions, but you don't need to).

Then next time, you can remove them, or better yet get some real Rear Sets :rockon

Make sure your suspensions sag is set correctly for you B-4 doing a track day or any taking it up a notch canyon riding.
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