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So I am going to do my first track day in a little over a month and I am in need of a few things.

Bodywork, I need some. I am not really willing to piece together oem stuff of ebay, and I don't feel like getting sh!t painted/fixed right now. I have heard good things on here about this set: (they are local, so that will save me money too)
HONDA RVT1000 RC51 RACE FAIRING BODYWORK: eBay Motors (item 250559185623 end time Jun-05-10 01:13:16 PDT)

Does anybody have experience with pit-eck, They are about $330 shipped off ebay I think I have heard that they are junk, but not sure? Might not be worth saving the $70 if they are junk. If anyone has a line on some cheap (less than $400 for a set) bodywork that would be awesome. I would prefer a set of at least the lower/upper and tail. I have a tank.

Frame sliders, Not sure where to start or look for a good set of frame sliders. Thorstens would be awesome, but time and $$ mean those aren't happening unless I find a used set over here. I know that the regular sliders can be had on ebay and everywhere else, but I don't really know good from bad on brands of sliders. So any links to the goods would be awesome.

Axle sliders, anybody have experience with Supermoto Engineering – Sportbike and Supermoto Sliders and Accessories

I REALLY like the axle block/slider as I am not too sure about using the swingarm spools as a mount for a delrin slider. They are also the only place that I have seen that sells front axle sliders for the RC. I don't know how they get around the front axle bolt being in the way though? I'll have to call them next week.

That is about everything I can think of for now. I can't wait, I feel like crackhead waiting for a hit!

Of course, any advice or words of wisdom are welcome. :clapper And if anyone is going that would be awesome to meet up. I don't have anyone else going with me so it will be an adventure for sure.

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Stay away from pit-eck.. their stuff is crap! Go with the Rockwall. I was going to buy that last set of Gen one stuff they had, but came across someone selling a cheaper set of trackstuff.

Hopefully I will see you out there!


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Rockwall also have their clipon....nice & cheap...

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Pit-Eck is pretty lame stuff. I bought some and it wouldn`t even come
close to mounting up. I went with Sharkskinz instead. Was a perfect
fit. Only reason I got the Pit-Eck was because I read one feed back about
it, where the guy said it fit great on his RC. Guess he got lucky. I`ll ship it
to you to try if you want. But it is very thin and cracks real easy.

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Frame sliders for RC51

I may be designing some alternate frame sliders for our RCs... can't remember which brand I got, but the FSs looked short, so I reverse engineered the plastic parts and made them about 20mm longer.

When I went down in a low side I was dissapointed at the engine through bolt as it bent just before the threaded end (too much bending moment). This in turn pushed the right radiator, but I was able to repair it... Crash wasn't that fast either, maybe 50mph.

My idea is to build the longer FSs out of delrin as it machines nicely, add a titanium or aluminum sleeve insert that will still allow the 17mm socket head needed to install. Still doesn't address the through bolt as it is still a weak point, may change that as well.

Will post up once complete and installed... You can see the longer length in the pic...


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