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TPO plate bracket SBK

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I tossed the coin to TPO for the SBK plate bracket from ebay. look good, made well, powder coated flat black. Mounted it, added a three LED plate light, and went to mount my plate.
Does anyone else have one and your states plate fit TPO designed mounting locations ?

The auctons stated they make theirs for standard usa motorcycle plates and buyers should beware of Euro version that won't fit our plates in the states. Well maybe Ohio moto plates are freaks but the holes are way to wide top and bottom and the upper and lower holes are too close together. The Ohio goes off the bottom of the TPO bracket even the Ohio plate holes!
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Re: TPO plate bracket SBK (throttlehead)

Ohio plates are stupid. Mine didn't fit the stock plate holder. I just held the plate with a towel and drilled it to fit.
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