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Yes, yes, yes; I know it has been talked about many of times. However, one more time is not going to hurt!

I was wondering if anyone of you have a suggestion or experience with different types of tires for your 51. I live down in S Florida were it is Flat and Straight.....I am currently using Dunlop 208's on the R6 I am getting about 2700 miles per rear tire and on the 51 I am getting about 3000. I really dont need a "real" high performance tire like those in the mountains or at the track. Basically, I am sick of buying tires all the time because the center is worn ......any suggestions on good tire the can put on mileage but at the same time give me performance, "When turning hard at the red light"! :D

I have been told that people like the Diablo...
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