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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding tire life on the BT-003 Raciong street (Non-race version).
I have them on my Aprilia RS250. At my current pace and given the lack of hp on the RS, I am guessing that I can get at least two track days out of a new set. Since I have always used the BT-003 on the street, I have no idea how well they wear on track.
Currently they have 6 sessions of VIR North on them. I am attending the Corner Speed Racing school on August 9th at VIR and that woudl be the last time I woudl be using non-DOT tires.
I am trying to get two track days out of them so I buy the DOT race tires after the school.

Any idea?

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I agree

I got 4 trackdays so far outta mine on my CBR1000rr running mid to upper 20's psi in them with track temps in the 105* range. I've been very surprised at their wear life. Great tire IMO and I plan on sticking with them.

I think you'll be fine
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