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motorcycle cops have mad skill on those big rigs. Its a little inside competition they have between them and between departments.

In my line of work, we employ a lot of retired LAPD motorcycle officers to help us with traffic and such. If you get enough of them (5-10), and they have little to do that day, its not uncommon (specially when baited by someone .. ahem!) to start a little skill competition. Ive seen some 50-60 year old retired cops on some clapped out Harley cop bike do things that would make anyone question their true ridding skills...Ive been ridding big rigs (Ultra classics, GSs, etc) a long time, and i don't come close to the skill they have when they maneuver these things.

the best show going is the officers from the Pasadena Police dpt the week before the Rose Parade. I think theres about 10 of them, and before the Rose Parade they do a rehearsal of sorts. Once they do that for a few hours, they start a little game of horseshoe between them (one cop does a trick/stunt/maneuver and the rest have to try and copy), and i swear, non of you have seen the display of skill like these bastards show on their BMW, ST Hondas and Harley cop bikes. Its not a formal event at all, they just do it in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl as they practice, but once they start their little horseshoe game, the crowd quickly gathers because is just mind-blowing what they do.
I promise ill record it this year and post it here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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