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I’m back and I have my 3rd RC. Hope to keep this one, my first SP2. I traded my 07 track only CBR 600 for it.

2002 SP2
31k miles, full service and adjustments at 28k
Woodcraft rearsets
Vortex clipons
Dan Kyle link
Power Commander
Jardine exhaust
Soft rev mod
Smog blockoff plates

Plans are to freshen it up, repair the OEM fairings and paint it satin...and ride!


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Congrads with your 1st SP2! :D

Hard to believe someone rode this bad boy for 31,000 miles on that ragged out OEM shock and ofcourse, we can all see, she seems to have been treated pretty poorly with how Dirty she is, crap caked up all over the shock, I can think the rear suspension works very well now eh...? LOL

1st suggestion, is get yourself a Ohlins shock or something other then the OEM rag...? I do have a OEM shock with a whole lot less miles on it then that one
and darn I say, most likely in Much Better shape too!
IF you are interested..?

Welcome back and ride safe,

Peace Jeff
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