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Think before you drink

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I usually post stuff I find funny and generally have a good time here.

This is not one of those.

YouTube - TAC Campaign - 20 year Anniversary retrospective montage "Everybody Hurts" music by REM TV ad

Watch this thing all the way through.

Anyway, it appears to be a long form collection of several commercials over the year, as there were bikes from the 90's also in it, so it wasn't all 1989 footage. I don't think they would ever have an ad campaign like this in the US, but they should. I watch so many stupid assholes have one or two, or six at business dinners I go to, then head out to the parking lot to go to the hotel.

Even if impaired driving was completely eliminated, you still think how many variables out of your control when on a bike in particular. I'm getting too old to ride, at 2:23 I was completely speechless
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I don't think they would ever have an ad campaign like this in the US, but they should.
Agreed. Unfortunately, the nanny mentality that we've developed over here will never allow this sort of program in the US. There would be too many complaints from concerned individuals that their young kids would have emotional scarring forever after seeing this type of reality on TV. Instead, we allow cage fighting on TV and heads being blown up with realistic TV and PC games...and parents turn a blind eye to under-aged kids playing that crap.

Sad, really.

Play that immediately after a Bud, Miller, Crown Royal, Grey Goose TV commercial and see if it doesn't change some people's idea on drinking and driving.

Thanks Mr. Burns.

PS. It wasn't easy to watch it all the way through.
Yup.... it has a sobering effect.
what is even more sick is when the defendant makes a counter suit against the estate of the deceased and it all gets drawn out for years longer there after..... don't ask me why I know.
REALITY my friends!!!
Our nation is drifting away from it and responsability also!IT's always somebody else fault!!!
Sad, very sad. People just don't seem to give a seconds thought to anyone but themselves. A big reason why I've given up road riding for the most part.
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