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1. Lorenzo
2. Stoner
3. Rossi
4. Pedrosa
5. Spies
6. Dovi
7. Hayden
8. Edwards

Lorenzo's still my #1, he's the only one who hasn't changed significantly while carryign the #1 plate. Rossi change to Ducati may be a marriage in heaven but previous Rossi changes have not faced the uphill battle he faces now. When he left Honda it was not where the level of performance the Yamaha and it's #1 rider are going into this season. Stoner was also surprising, if it's another banner season for him he's definitely untouchable but I still think Lorenzo has it.

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Dang you aint even gonna throw Hayden in there for fun?

I think a better one would be who's going to win the first race. Especially with the 3 rider and bike changes. Thats going to be the most watched race of the entire year.

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Lorenzo, Stoner, Spies, Rossi, Pedrosa, Hayden, Dovisioso

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V4s will shine so bright you got to wear shades...

1) Rossi
2) Stoner
3) Pedrosa
4) Lorenzo
5) Spies
6) Hayden

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Well my turtle pick for 2011 Motogp riders
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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