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The Norton project reminds me an interesting curiosity... all the engine designs
based on German and Italian originals are made by companies still with us
namely Honda Suzuki and Yamaha... But there were other companies: Hosk,
Meguro, and a host of others, once hugely successful in Japan that long
vanished. The one thing they had in common??? They all based their engine
designs on British hardware... England’s grand era of motorcycle engineering had
already passed, even in the 50’s, and it was coasting on a momentum it
was never to regain... The Germans were still innovating... however Horex
Adler MZ Zweirad Union: they were all going great guns... Same for the
Italians... Benelli Ducati Gilera... And once the Japanese makers got a
handle on modern technology they took off and outran everyone period...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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