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...checking tire pressures. Always.

Recently got my bike back from the shop, two new Michelin Pilot Race tires mounted. Parked the bike in the house, up on front and rear stands, where it remained.

Two weeks later, getting ready to load the bike in the trailer for one more trip to the shop. As always, decided to check TP even though I'm only rolling the bike on to the trailer.

Put the gauge on the front, get a reading of "0". Since the bike was still on stands, there was no visual cue that the tire was "flat". I was dumbstruck. Checked pressure again..."0" again. Went to the front of the bike, pressed both thumbs into the center of the tire tread...sure enough, very soft.

Inflated the tire to 30 lbs, left it overnight, on stands. After 12 hours, TP = 16 lbs. :(

Pump tire to 30 lbs, load on trailer, take to shop. Shop removes wheel, tests for leaks with soapy water. Slow leak at one portion of the rim. Now I'm imagining that the CF BST rims might have been damaged during tire mounting...but I hope not since the shop is always extremely careful when mounting tires on these wheels. We break the bead on the tire after marking the location of the leak with blue tape on the wheel/tire. Close examination of the inside of the tire bead reveals a small bump (probably from a mold release issue) that was causing an incomplete seal between tire and wheel. The bump was carefully trimmed with the tire still in position on the wheel with the bead broken. We re-seated the tire, inflated, double checked for leaks again, then overinflated the tire and waited 3 hours with it off the bike. Pressure checked OK. Double checked pressure this morning after 18 hours, no discernable air loss.

I've never had this happen before, but thought I'd share with the forum. The good news is the tire wasn't punctured and the rim was not damaged...and I checked TP before taking the bike off the stands! :twocents
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