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Re: The (Fat) Boys are Back! (Jacka$$)

Rock on Fat Boys...

And Fish, you the man. Sounds like a hella good team to get some Midwest exposure...
Word on the street is the Sultan and his awsome Umberlla girl wife are back in the Lou...so, the midwest races just got much more interesting...especially when you get passed by Natalie...

Fish, aka Scotty, is a stand up guy who is quite intertaining to hang out with...
To quote Scotty:
Scott Fisher of Scotty’s Speed Shop, who will be handling team management and tuning had this to say. “ I’ve known Nick and Matt since the very first National Supermoto race that was held at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona and the first thing I noticed about them, besides their talent, was the chemistry that they have together. They are the best of friends in the pits and when they train together, but when the helmets go on, there is no love lost and no pulled punches. Getting these two together again like this is amazing. They are both extremely excited and so is Big Gun.”

Best of luck Nick and Matt. We'll see you around the Heartland of America...

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Re: The (stlwalnut)

I have been busy Racing and bulding bikes for my boys.We have so far won all the races we have entered.{
All at Ocala} Matt and Nick are tied with 2 wins each.Be looking for us at the stateline race in Vagas on 4-02-05.
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